Emergency First Aid At Work Training (EFAW)

Emergency (EFAW)
First Aid at Work
2019/2020 Open Courses
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Sep 4th, 17th & 26th
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Nov 6th, 12th & 21st
Dec 3rd & 19th
2020 Dates
Jan 6th, 21st, 30th
Feb 7th, 9th, 27th
Marc 3rd, 11th, 26th
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Training Course Details

As specified in the *Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981:-

• role of the first-aider / preventing cross infection / recording incidents / use of equipment;

• assess situations in order to act safely, promptly and effectively for unconscious casualties
(including seizure); provide CPR including the use of an AED

• provide first aid to a casualty who is choking, bleeding and/or suffering from shock

• provide first aid for minor injuries (small cuts, grazes and bruises, minor burns and scalds, small

Certificate:- awarded for attendance and demonstration of competence in Emergency First Aid at
Work skills as required in *above. HSE compliant & valid for 3 years

Cost:- open courses £89.00pp